How to Apply

In order to receive an EISP scholarship, which typically ranges from $2,600 to $6,000 per academic year, the student must first apply and be accepted at one of our partner schools

Some of our partner schools accept students mid year. If a student is accepted mid year, he or she could still receive a scholarship, but the amount would be prorated, as required by state regulation. For example, if a student started at a private school in the second semester, the scholarship amount would be half of the normal amount.

Once a student  has been accepted at one of our partner schools, the student's parent(s) or guardian(s) must request the GRASP EISP scholarship paperwork from the school. This documentation must be completed and returned to the school and includes:

  • a short scholarship recommendation letter from a non-family member
  • a photo of the student
  • a thank you note to our donors from the parent of the student or from the student
  • permission to use this information to send to our donors or to post on our website
  • a scholarship application with financial information including the most recent tax return of the parent(s)

Scholarships are often renewable, depending on donor support and whether the family continues to qualify for a scholarship based on income thresholds determined by the State of Virginia. 

Contact Brenda Jackson, GRASP EISP Coordinator, if you have any questions.