Eligibility Requirements

EISP scholarships are for students who will be attending K - 12 Virginia private schools. Scholarship recipients must be both U.S. citizens and Virginia residents from families whose household income is 300% or less of the federal poverty guideline or, in the case of a student with a disability (documented by a current IEP), 400% or below. Students from low and middle-income families, who would otherwise not have access to private school education, now have this opportunity.

Income guidelines for the 2018-2019 school year:

Household Size 300% of poverty 400% of poverty
1 $36,420 $48,560
2 $49,380 $65,840
3 $62,340 $83,120
4 $75,300 $100,400
5 $88,260 $117,680
6 $101,220 $134,960
7 $114,180 $152,240
8 $127,140 $169,520
add for each additional person $12,960 $17,280

Scholarship recipient qualifications have been determined by the Virginia Legislature, which requires that to be considered for a scholarship, students must fall in at least one of five qualifying categories:

  1. In the current school year, the student has enrolled and attended a Virginia public school for at least one half of the year, or
  2. For the school year that immediately preceded the student’s receipt of a scholarship the student was enrolled and attended a public school in Virginia, or
  3. The student is eligible for kindergarten or first grade, or
  4. The student was not a resident of Virginia during the preceding year and did not attend a public school in Virginia, or
  5. The student is a prior recipient of a scholarship from a scholarship foundation such as GRASP EISP.

GRASP specifically has a policy of serving multiple schools and does not limit scholarships to only one school.