How much money does GRASP award?

GRASP EISP scholarships range in value, but the maximum scholarship amount is set by the Virginia Department of Education and differs by the city or county of residence. Scholarship amounts will also vary depending on donor support. For the 2018-2019 school year, the maximum scholarship award is:


Brunswick County - $6,803

Chesterfield County - $5,372

Essex County - $5,520

Greensville County - $6,262

Hanover County - $4,785

Henrico County - $5,013

King and Queen County - $6,359

King William County - $5,965

Mecklenburg County - $5,505

Richmond City - $5,187

Richmond County - $6,231

Westmoreland County - $6,821


If you reside in a locality not listed above, contact GRASP to inquire about the maximum scholarship amount for your area.