Donating Securities

When completing the preauthorization form, if you wish to donate marketable securities, we suggest increasing the amounts on your pre-authorization form to slightly greater than your intended donation because, if the donation is made in a stock sale and the actual sales amount is more than the requested amount, the difference will not qualify for a tax credit.  You are not obligated to give the increased amount, it just gives a little extra wiggle room.

The EISP program requires donations be approved before a donation can be made. Once the form is completed, please return it to Ms. Gordon and she will submit it to the Virginia Department of Education.  

Once you receive your preauthorization notice, then you or your broker can submit your donation to GRASP EISP through Davenport & Company.

 BY STOCK:  GRASP's broker is Davenport & Company. 

Davenport & Company's DTC: 0715
GRASP's Account number: 51551908

Please ask your broker to give Davenport & Company your full name when this transaction is processed so that we may acknowledge your gift promptly.

This may sound complicated but it is just a few steps:  completing the pre-authorization form and sending it to the Virginia Department of Education address noted on the form, receiving the pre-authorization notice, forwarding the Notice and donation to GRASP EISP, and donating stock through GRASP's broker, Davenport & Company.  If you have questions or need help with the paper work, just let us know.