She is so eager to learn and it has proved such a struggle... GRASP is giving her a chance to learn how to break down the walls that dyslexia puts up.
[Our son] will be instructed with methods that work for him and understand his learning differences so that he can advocate for himself in college and in the workforce.
He is a bright child, who has a learning difference. It requires a little extra help from educators... We’ve tried several different approaches and classroom environments, and have finally found success at All Saints Catholic School.
Before enrolling at Northstar Academy in the fourth grade, she was still reading at a kindergarten level. She has made excellent progress in reading and all her studies in the last three years at Northstar.

Teachers' Remarks

"Brady was able to crawl out of his shell and is more confident in his social and academic skills. He has made many friends in class. He has made improvement from his entry level in Language Arts and Math, but he still benefits from the one-on-one instruction to strengthen his academic skills."

- Mrs. Taylor, Grade 2 Teacher

"In today's world, it can be hard to find students who truly crave reading. In Language Arts class, Joslyn has become this student. When assigned reading, Joslyn goes home and pours over her books. She is able to showcase her knowledge of literature in class discussions, frequently taking discussions to a deeper level. Outside of the classroom, Joslyn has become a leader in the community. She is the lead altar server for St. Joseph School, and she has started volunteering at the Little Sisters of the Poor on a weekly basis. This has not gone unnoticed among her classmates, as they have now voted her the winner of the Peacemaker award for courage."

- Mrs. Parham, Middle School Religion/Spanish Teacher